Hair loss in men

In the vast majority of cases, nearly 95%, hair loss in men is androgenetic, so hereditary. In these men, a specific enzyme turns testosterone into DHT hormone that disrupts the hair’s life cycle by causing the miniaturization of hair follicles on the long run. This process can be accelerated or amplified by poor diet, overproduction of sebum on the scalp, stress, medication, a medical condition, the use of some styling products or others.

Baldness progresses in several phases and over a few decades, from the receding of the frontal temporal angles to the thinning of the vertex, until leaving only a crown on the sides and at the back. The first signs of baldness can be noticeable as early as the teenage years. 

However,  it is possible to slow down the baldness process and increase hair density as long as proper action is taking at the first signs of hair thinning.

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