Capillus Plus | 202 laser

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For optimal results, use in combination with the Capilia Trichology Laser Therapy Synergy kit.

Low-Level Laser therapy is specifically designed to stimulate hair growth in sparse area of ​​the scalp, counteract mild or intense hair loss, accelerate growth, and optimize the results of PRP injections therapy or hair transplants.

202 medical grade laser diodes
Capillus devices use laser-only technology, to penetrate down to the hair follicle, unlike LEDs, which disperse and do not penetrate to the same depth.

6 minutes a day
Sessions are auto-programmed to shut off at the end of your daily 6-minute treatment, so you don't have to watch the clock.

Discreet therapy under your hat
Treat your hair while you go about your daily routine. Wear just 6 minutes while you perform any activity. Capillus is hands-free & mobile.

Limited Warranty
5 year manufacturer warranty on the device and a 1 year manufacturer warranty on the battery.

Maximum coverage of scalp

Laser diodes are embedded within the interior surface of the dome, providing maximum coverage of areas susceptible to hair thinning


The laser treatment is clinically proven to stop hair loss in 93% of cases and reverse the hair thinning cycle.

How does laser therapy work?

Laser lights activate the cellular metabolism and blood circulation of the scalp, thereby stimulating growth and thickening the hair from the base to increase the hair density and vitality.

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What's included with Capillus: 

  • Capillus Laser Therapy Device
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Adhesive Belt Clip for Battery Pack
  • AC Adapter Use
  • Capillus User Manual
  • Sports Cap
  • Accessories Pouch

*Travel case not included