Well Being Care kit

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Designed for your well-being during and after your chemotherapy or cranial radiation therapy treatments.

Specially formulated for sensitive scalps due to chemotherapy and cranial radiation therapy, this Well-Being care kit is made to pamper and soothe your scalp.

During your treatments: Use Vitascalp Shampoo alternating with Hydrascalp Shampoo as soon as treatment start. After each shampoo, apply a few drops of Hydrascalp lotion to scalp. Do not rinse.

1 months after the end of your treatments: Continue using the Vitascalp shampoo alternating with Hydrascalp shampoo. After each Vitascalp shampoo, apply a few drops of Vitascalp lotion to scalp. After each Hydrascalp shampoo, apply a few drops of Hydrascalp lotion to scalp.

Vitascalp Shampoo (250 ml)
Hydrascalp Shampoo (250 ml)
Vitascalp Lotion (90 ml)
Hydrascalp Lotions (90 ml)

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shampoo and serum


Scalp Moisturizing care

Hydrascalp products are formulated with a superior moisturizing complex containing soy beans, corn starch and sweet almond oil. It brings moisture and suppleness to your scalp to soothe the irritation and itchiness caused by treatments.

No perfume • No dye

Shampoo and serum


Hair Cycle Regulating care

Vitascalp products contain a specific complex of natural ingredients with milk protein, amino acids and vitamin B6. It is specially designed to cleanse without irritating and purify the scalp in order to regulate the hair cycle, during and after treatment.

No perfume No dye