Vitalia Hair Supplements


* Out of stock until September 2018


Strenght, vitality and volume formula. 

It contains the essential elements for the formation of hair and nails. In addition to faster growth, it improves the appearance and texture, making hair silkier and brighter. Vitalia supplements are made to improve the strength and health of the hair bulb, and nourrish the hair from within, which will provide the best conditions possible for optimal health and growth. The hair will therefore find its way back to volume, strength, beauty and vitality. Vitality is designed for hair loss in order to provide all essential nutrients to the hair follicle. This supplement will also be beneficial to those suffering from alopecia.

The Vitalia formulation is unique, including collagen (of marine origin) highly absorbable by the body and thus ensuring better bioavailability. Vitalia tablets are manufactured in Quebec under analytical control of the purity and concentrationof active ingredients.

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