Oily Hair and Scalp Kit

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Sebum regulator

The Oily Scalp shampoo and serum are made with 100% natural active ingredients including camphor, eucalyptus oil and Chinese mint. Designed to control and regulate sebum production while reducing inflammation of the sebaceous glands and removing residues and toxins from your scalp.

The Purifying shampoo acts like a solvent which removes the sebum layer on the scalp to allow the active ingredients to reach the follicles for optimal results.


Formulated to:

- Regulate, control and reduce sebum production

- Reduce inflammation of sebaceous glands

- Remove residues and toxins from your scalp

- Promote optimal hair growth


DID YOU KNOW that the accumulation of sebum on the scalp can impair or affect the growth of new hair by making it thinner, leading to potential hair loss?

High concentration of 100% natural active ingredients
Without mineral oil 
Without silicone


Oily scalp shampoo (250ml)
Purifying shampoo (250ml)
Repair conditioner (250ml)
Oily scalp serum (90ml)