Dry Dandruff Kit

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Anti-scales action

The Dry Dandruff shampoo and Dry Scalp shampoo and serum are made with 100% natural active ingredients including Brazilian jujube, calendula oil, hydrolyzed cornstarch and provitamin B5. Deeply cleanses and soothes the irritated scalp, while reducing itching.

The dandruff can be controlled thanks to analgesics, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobials, antifungal and antipyretic properties.


Formulated to:

- Help reduce and control persistent dry scales

- Regulate epidermal cells production

- Deeply cleanse and soothe irritated scalp

- Reduce itching


37% dandruff reduction after only two shampoos.


High concentration of 100% natural active ingredients
Without mineral oil 


Dry Dandruff shampoo (250ml)
Dry scalp shampoo (250ml)
Repair conditioner (250ml)
Dry scalp serum (90ml)